We would like to take a moment and say THANK YOU. These students create meaning in our lives everyday. It is such a wonderful experience to be able to mentor and work with students throughout the years ( 10+ years). We are smiling everyday because we get to work with these students to create opportunities for their future. It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of each student’s educational experience along with helping each student reach his/her goals. We are both so happy to be part of your pathway to reaching above sky’s limits. Let’s make it happen!



Sofia K.

I went to Gestalt Tutoring (Original Name of Breakthrough Learning Center) for all four years of high school; and during those four years, I not only expanded my quantitative


D. Kim

I have been attending Gestalt Tutoring, since I was in the middle of third grade and now I am a freshman in high school. When I first attended Gestalt, it was a small tutoring



I have been a student at BLC since 5th grade and I am now going into my junior year of high school. Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila have been there for me through everything and are always there to offer me advice and guidance through all of my decisions whether it is


J. Muhtaseb

I have been attending Breakthrough Learning Center from September of 2013. From then till now, I 


Erin S.

My name is Erin Solis, and I just recently graduated from Valencia High School along with the senior 


K. Kathrotia

My experience at Breakthrough Learning Center has been phenomenal! I first started to come to breakthrough when I was 10 and ever since then, I have been excelling in my


Kriti C.

Aside from school, emotionally, Ms. Jen has always been there for me. From high school stress, to the college application process, and even the typical high school drama, she is always there to give me support and advice. Breakthrough has always


Taylor K.

I have been going to Breakthrough Learning Center since I was about 6 years old. They started out as a small business located in a house where I was able to do my homework, and learn new material in the summer to prepare myself for the upcoming


D. Kotsonosis

As a parent, I found BLC a few years ago when my step-daughter was at-risk of failing


Annie R.

Gestalt tutoring (Original Name of Breakthrough Learning Center) is a place where kids


K. Shim

I have been at Breakthrough Learning Center for 3 years now and will continue to be at this learning center until I graduate high school. There’s a reason why I won’t leave Breakthrough; each and every tutor care about their students genuinely and want them


Matthew N.

My name is Matthew Nguyen and I am currently a senior at Valencia High School. Since 9th grade, Ms. Jen and Mr. Avila have provided me with all the assistance I have required in order to succeed in high school. Ms. Jen has prepared me well in all aspects


Kyle Kim

I first attended Gestalt Tutoring (Breakthrough Learning Center) when I was eight years old. At first, I was furious at my mother for making me spend my summer at a tutoring center. I was very young, and all I wanted to do was mess around with my friends and


K. Kathrotia

Breakthrough learning center has been one of the best experiences I have had throughout my high school career. I have had about 3 tutors in high school, but I have never found one like Mrs.Jen and Mr. Avila. I would dread going to my other tutors because it was simply just 2 hours of not learning anything. However, coming to Breakthrough would be nothing like my experiences with my other tutors. I would be excited to come to Breakthrough because of the learning environment. Not only is there one on one sessions, but there are also classroom sessions. This allows you to study


Brenda E.

My experience at Breakthrough has been incredible! I have been attending since 7th grade and now I am a freshman at Valencia High School. Coming to breakthrough has helped me in more ways than one. Mrs.Jen and Mr.Avila are two of the most kindest


Katie C.

I have been attending Breakthrough Learning Center since I was in 7th grade, and now I am a junior in high school. My experience with Mr. Avila and Mrs. Jen has been so amazing and has helped me so much! Every tutor at Breakthrough sincerely cares


T. Kim

Breakthrough is a great example of how learning is more than a transfer of knowledge. Since there’s many different types of learners out there, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila structure individual curriculums to match the student’s learning style and pair instructors that have


Kevin K.

I have been going to breakthrough ever since I was in 6th grade. I am now graduating high school and attending University of California, Irvine as a Mechanical Engineer. I can honestly say that without Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, Mr. Rob, Mr. Kim, and all the other tutors, I would not have been able to succeed in school. BLC is not the ordinary


N. Patel

I’ve been going to Breakthrough since my freshman year of high school; so basically my entire high school career. Before I went to Breakthrough, I perused through several different tutoring centers. However, none of them had what Breakthrough had. Breakthrough made me feel like family and accommodated to my every need. Every instructor at Breakthrough is so patient and knowledge and they do go the extra mile to


K. Hobby

When I came to Breakthrough 3 years ago, I thought I was going there just to get help in math and studying for the SAT and ACT, but I gained knowledge outside of those subjects. Breakthrough opened my mind both academically and socially. They taught me items that I still carry along with me as a college student. Breakthrough feels like a


P. Marquez

After tutoring for BLC, I’ve learned that in many cases students don’t have the time to dedicate to the work in front of them. Daily extracurricular activities, stress from college applications, and life outside the classroom are ways in which students can get distracted from what’s important. As a former tutor of BLC, our main objective was to


Kristin S.

I have been at Breakthrough Learning Center for 5 years now and will graduate El Dorado High School. There’s a reason why I won’t leave Breakthrough; each and every tutor care about their students genuinely and want them to do well in the future. Ms. Jenn and Mr. Avila are such hardworking people that I am so inspired by everyday. They


N. Chen

Breakthrough Learning Center is a great place where students can ask for help on their homework, get ahead in their classes, and interact with classmates outside of the school. Mrs. Jen, Mr. Avila, Mr. Rob, and other instructors have several years of experience in education. With these experiences, the curriculum is catered to each individual student for them to succeed. We have access to textbooks that students are using in their classes and problem sets for extra work. Furthermore, when a student is


M. Nguyen

I’ve been going to BLC my entire high school career and I can honestly say that it is like no other learning institution. I cannot express enough the extent to which the staff cater to each student. Mr. Avila, Ms. Jen, and all of the instructors truly make all of their students feel like part of a family, which creates a hospitable environment conducive learning. Not only do they provide me with the necessary help for all of my classes, but


B. Enciso

I went to Breakthrough from 7th grade until the end of high school. I am now in college pursuing a degree in Nursing. School is something that definitely did not come easy to me, however, Mr.A and Ms.Jen really helped me get the good grades I needed and


E. Solis

Breakthrough Learning Center provides an environment that fosters continual growth and improvement for each student that walks through the door. I began my tutoring sessions with BLC the summer before my freshman year of high school, and I


B. Enciso

I went to Breakthrough from 7th grade until the end of highschool. I am now in college pursuing a degree in Nursing. School is something that definitely did not come easy to


Ash. R.

I have been here for 2 years of high school career and I never felt like I was not part of there family. They’ve really thought me some life lessons that I could’ve never learn from outside. Throughout these years, not only they’ve helped me on my school work